Making Poverty: A History (monograph) – Zed Books, 2008. Click on the title to see reviews and buy it.

About this book:  ‘There are three main schools of thought on poverty — the structural, the palliative, and the capability conceptions.  The structural conception of poverty examines how it is that poverty is produced (Lines, 2008).  It seeks to interrogate the socioeconomic structures that produce inequality, marginalization, and exclusion, rather than assuming these as extant, and then “mopped up” through remedial public action.  In this structural conceptualization, then, it is power inequality that produces poverty’ — Padraig Carmody (2012).[1]

State, Market and Democracy in Green Politics – in J.D. Blewitt, ed, Green Politics and the Left, Weymouth: Green House, Oct 2015: Chapter 7, pp. 46-55.
The whole book is also available as a free download.

Agricultural Commodities, Trade and Sustainable Development (editor) – International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development and International Institute for Environment and Development, 2005. Click on the title to download it.

[1] ‘The Informationalization of Poverty in Africa?’, Information Technologies & International Development, Vol. 18, No. 3, p. 3